Wednesday, 15 May 2019 09:22

Time is now for Rwandan Christian diaspora to unite- Emmanuel Gatorano

RCC Chairman Emmanuel Gatorano RCC Chairman Emmanuel Gatorano

This was said by the Rwandan Christian Coalition (RCC) Chairman, in Phoenix, last week-end during his visit to the city. The aim of the visit was related to the preparations of Rwandan Christian Convention, a yearly event organized by the RCC. The Convention is planned for August 30-31 and September 1st this year in Phoenix, Arizona.

RCC Chairman Mr. Emmanuel Gatorano said the visit was successful. “we were blessed to be in Phoenix, the Glory of God was with us during our visit, it was not only the visit: we had time to share the Word of God, The Rwandan Community of Arizona is excited to host this year’s Convention. We were blessed to worship In four churches: including an Adventist church on the Sabbath (Saturday) and on Sunday in Solution Church, Bethel International Church and First Institutional African Ministry” “we shared our message of Unity in Rwandan Christian diaspora”. It is lovely to see how Rwandan Community of Arizona love God.


What is Rwandan Christian Coalition?

Talking to the media, RCC Chairman said Rwandan Christian Coalition (RCC) is a coalition of Rwandan Christians abroad, Rwandan diaspora belong to many churches and denominations, “RCC is itself neither a Ministry nor a Church, it is just a coalition created to unite Rwandan Christian diaspora from different churches and ministries, they are reminded their roots, their native Country, Rwanda. Being far away from home is a big challenge, together we bring back our home feelings. We started in America but with the aim to touch all the Christian Communities all over the world: being Catholics, Protestants, Adventists, Pentecost etc.

The Rwandan Christian Convention is organized by the Rwandan Christian Coalition. For the 5th time it is coming to Phoenix Arizona after Chicago, Dallas Texas, Dayton Ohio and Washington DC.

Mr. Gatorano believes a good outcome after the coming convention based on the previous conventions. He said “Rwandans abroad miss their country, this convention will bring back love and it is our opportunity to unite, to pray, to worship and to remember that we are Rwandans, to meet with people we miss, to make new friends, to celebrate, to share and to enlarge our borders in the spirit and in the flesh.”

He spoke of challenges. “the Christian journey has never been easy from the times of Apostles to this day, it has always been a tough task. On our side we still have people who don’t understand our coalition and who consider it as a political movement. This is not politics, but if there is a politics that teaches love, unity and reconciliation, that would not be bad politics.”

RCC Chairman concluded his message by thanking all the stakeholders firstly the Government of Rwanda through its Embassy in the United States especially H.E. Mathilde Mukantabana who has supported  and attended all the conventions, also Bishop Rucyahana for the support of this Convention.

Guest speakers and names of artists who will perform in the next convention will be communicated shortly.

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