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About Us

Bishop Habineza Jean Claude Bishop Habineza Jean Claude

Missionary HABINEZA Jean Claude , is a Rwandan who lives in Arizona one of the United states of America. He has a wife and children.

From his Christian family he lives for the purposes of what God called him to do, according to the calling and vision. It is in that case he received a Vision about DNI MINISTRIES and from that day he became a visionary and founder of that Ministry.

DNI is a short abbreviation which stands for DIVINE NETWORK INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES. Briefly this means a network connection between Heaven and the Earth for the purpose of preaching Gospel from the bottom of God’s heart to the worldwide.

DNI MINISTRIES has founded from USA, but official started in Africa from the country of Uganda and until now they work beyond the borders. They have participant members from Africa, America, Australia, Europe Asia and the other sides of the world. This is to mean that DNI MINISTRIES is in the world wide

DNI MINISTRIES  is a big institutional ministry started by different people include Pastors, Apostles ,Bishops, Rev.Pastors,Prophets,etc…. from different churches but because of their different visions some quit the vision of DNI MINISTRIES and follow theirs, but also opened the doors to all kind of people, race, tribes, religion, and colors to fulfill the goals and purposes of vision.

DNI MINISTRIES started using more social Medias, like: whatsapp groups, facebook pages, websites : , and others……but until now they started to be in collaboration with different churches.

Whatsapp group has been created on September, 12th , 2015 and until now it has more than 150 participants. With not to care about troubles and challenges they look forward for making other steps.

Therefore as visionary also a founder of  DNI  MINISTRIES Jean Claude HABINEZA with his wife Solange HABINEZA set out the articles of faith to which them and others who will join them for the vision will do subscribe, obey and believe.

Also they set forth the committee from the members formed by FOUNDERS, PRESIDENT,VICE PRESIDENT, SECRETARY,ACCOUNTANTS, EVENTS ORGANIZERS,SOCIAL AFFAIRS AND OTHER COMMITTEE MEMBERS which is in charge of responsibility duties .

Here, they organize events and conferences every year, in different countries from different continents to be together in prayers. Also the have everyday preachers 3 times per day and 1 day of prayer and fasting per week on whatsapp group. They organize 1 day per month of overnight prayers. They help one another as brothers and sisters from the contribution of every member with their kind hearts. And after they try to prove out how to create everyone’s business for making money moving step by step to go far.

 All of these kinds of duties include in their 3 main purposes known as PRAYING, HELPING AND WORKING.

 DNI MINISTRIES has different projects for their financial development kinds and every member contributes the contribution per 3 month , 4 times per year.

They have some departments like worshipteam,intercession,protocol and others who attend in their everyday activies.